Campoamor is a great place for those who want to experience a little more of Spain when on vacation. Here you are offered a beautiful landscape; green forests, orange groves and beautiful beaches make the area one of the most popular on the Costa Blanca, especially among the Spaniards themselves. Large villas are mixed with tall apartment buildings, and in the summer the area is transformed into a gathering place where there is something for the whole family with outdoor cinema, chill out clubs and beach bars. Campoamor is adjacent to Aguamarina in the north and Mil Palmeras in the south, you can of course go much further than that along the promenade that runs along the coastline.

Campoamor is located approximately 70km south of Alicante Airport, and the fastest route from the airport is via the AP-7. The nearest town is Torrevieja, but many instead travel south to Cartagena and Murcia which are 30 minutes away to feel the pulse of these slightly larger cities.

In addition to fantastic beaches and a marina, there is a rich selection of high quality restaurants all year round. On a windy day, La Barraca makes itself great for a lunch in the sun with the sound of the sea a few meters away and in the summer months Las Colinas Beach Club boasts Costa Blanca's best sushi at Enso Sushi. Ask us for more tips - this is a hidden gem for the foodies! It is also easy to be active here with a large tennis and paddle center in the middle of the area which is open year round.