Villamartin, located just south of Playa Flamenca, has for a long time been an attractive area for Swedes. Thanks to the many golf courses in the area, it is a green, beautiful, pleasant and well-established area with a mix of villas, townhouses and apartments as well as a large selection of restaurants and cafes. There are several smaller shopping centers that offer the service you need, usually within walking distance.

One of our most popular areas in Villamartin is called Los Dolses, where we have provided many homes over the years. This is mainly due to the privileged location, as this is the area in Villamartin that is closest to the sea, but also because it is relatively new housing with light material choices such as marble and white PVC windows built in with a lot of Spanish-style charm. This combined with several green areas and all service within walking distance makes it hard not to like.

The proximity to the four popular golf courses Campoamor, Villamartin, Las Ramblas and Las Colinas is no disadvantage for anyone who enjoys playing golf. Several beaches are within 5-10 minutes drive away such as Playa Flamenca, La Zenia, Cabo Roig and Campoamor - in other words a large number of opportunities to enjoy the Mediterranean waves and beaches.

Villamartin Plaza is the square where it happens! Here there is always life and movement and it is important to be out in time for dinner if you have not booked a table at one of the many restaurants. Well worth a visit if nothing else to soak up the atmosphere and maybe get a glimpse of the fine parrots high up in the palm trees.

Another very pleasant part of Villamartin is the area around the La Fuente shopping center. Here are several newly built (but completed) projects and even here there are always a lot of people in motion. A Belgian bakery, a wine bar and a large selection of bars and restaurants, as well as several grocery stores in between Campoamors and Las Ramblas golf course and extensive green areas make it an attractive area for permanent residents as well as holidaymakers.