Selling a home in Spain

Bjurfors Costa Blanca will help you achieve a successful sale

Are you thinking of selling your property and wonder why you should sign a listing agreement with us? Here we will explain the listing process in detail and hope it helps you to make the right decision and choose us as your broker. Contact us today and we will tell you what we do to have the best outcome of the sale of your home on the Costa Blanca.

Before we begin the sale of your home, we sit down together and go through what the process looks like and what expectations you have. We are clear on what we believe is the best approach for the most successful sale. With our many years of experience and knowledge, we work hard to make you exceptionally satisfied with the sales process. The meeting usually takes place in the home to be sold where we have the opportunity to discuss ideas together in order to finally come up with a common approach.

We are clear on what we believe is the best approach for the sale of your property

After operating down here for almost 15 years, we know the local market well. We have an attractive office location in central Playa Flamenca just south of Torrevieja. Our office is easy to find which gives your property great local exposure.

We combine our position with good service and our aim is to maintain a close relationship with you as a seller throughout the process. Our goal is that we can be a natural part of your continued housing career and that you warmly recommend us to your friends and acquaintances.

We at Bjurfors offer modern marketing and are visible on key channels both digitally and in print. We have over 50 offices in Sweden and 7 in Spain, all of which contribute to the marketing of our homes.

Your home will be visible in the following digital channels
§ Bjurfors website
§ Idealista
§ Facebook & Instagram

We also market the Bjurfors brand in these channels

§ Advertising and advertorials in regional, national and international magazines
§ Direct advertising
§ Signage

The listing agreement can be exclusive or non-exclusive. If you as a seller choose to sign an exclusive agreement with us at Bjurfors Costa Blanca, we can offer a special package regarding marketing and visibility. Ask us more about Bjurfors Only. If you choose to sign a non-exclusive agreement, the brokers you have chosen should complement each other, ie work towards different nationalities or buyers.

With Bjurfors Costa Blanca you always get

§ Engaged and knowledgeable brokers who work for you and the sale of your home
§ Notification for each private showing of your home
§ Professional photography of the property and area
§ Contacts to legal representatives, banks, cleaning, moving assistance and tradesmen
§ Support, advice and feed-back throughout the process
§ Careful and professional handling of sales documents


We always want to be well prepared. An important step to be able to act quickly when we find a buyer is to have all documentation regarding the property in place. If you have a legal representative with a power of attorney, they usually have access to most of the documents we need. You only need to give us permission to contact them directly. If there is an opportunity to have as much of the documentation ready when we first meet, it will make the sales process considerably more efficient.

Documentation we need to make copies of

§ Escritura (Title Deeds)
§ Passport and NIE number
§ Last paid electricity bill
§ Last paid water bill
§ Last paid property tax (Suma / IBI)
§ Drawings and documents of any additions
§ Contact details to your legal representative
§ Contact information to the association's administrator
§ Energy certificate (CEE)
§ Residence certificate (Cedula de Habitalidad)
§ Floorplan, if posible

Energy Certificate (Certificado de Calificación Energética)

Since June 1, 2013, it has been law to present an energy certificate before the sale of a home. This document is a report on how efficient a home is in terms of energy consumption. You as the owner are responsible for holding and presenting this document. An architect issues the document and assigns the home an energy class ranging from “A” (best) to “G” (worst). Issuing this document costs about 100 euros incl. digital registration.

Housing Certificate (Cedula de habitabilidad)

A residential certificate certifies that a property is intended to be lived in and is compulsory to present to the Notary at the time of sale. If you as owner of the home do not have this document or if it is too old, it is your responsibility to arrange a new one. The cost of issuing a housing certificate varies from municipality to municipality, but expect about € 350 including the fee from the municipality.

We can put you in touch with an English-speaking architect to issue both of the above documents.

Non-legalized extensions

If there are extensions on your property or in connection with your house that are not legalized, we at Bjurfors can help you get in touch with the right person / company to help, everything from lawyers to architects.

A certificate from an architect together with the necessary documentation from, among other things, the tax authority, the housing register, and the notary may in some cases be sufficient to have the non-legalized part legalized and registered. A rough estimate of the cost of this work is about EUR 2,500 but may vary depending on the extent of the additions.

Before photography

Good pictures are very important when selling your home. The pictures convey a feeling for the home and for many, the feeling is crucial in becoming interested in a property. Here you will find some simple tips that you can do before the photographer comes.

§ Try to get to clean surfaces in general and put away unnecessary furniture and decoration.
§ A clean and tidy kitchen is a must - Dishes and utensils do not belong in the picture.
§ Bathroom and toilet should look neat. Set aside toilet brush and private bathroom items and put down the toilet lid.
§ Bedroom looks much nicer with bedspreads on the bed, clean surfaces on bedside tables and without clothes hanging visibly.
§ Clean the living room from newspapers, remote controls and unnecessary things.
§ Create space in the hall by removing outer garments and shoes.
§ Check that lamps work.
§ Feel free to put in fresh cut flowers.
§ Do you have a patio? Organize outdoor furniture and make it look neat and tidy.
§ Do you have a garden? Remove gardening tools and see that the plants are tidy.
§ Also be sure to review any common areas.

To think about before viewing

The viewing is one of the most important parts of the sale and it is our broker's task to show the home and its surroundings. Before viewing, we are happy to receive tips on what it is you as the owner have appreciated extra much with the home during the years you have lived there.

During the viewing, we prefer that you as an owner are not at home. From experience we know that the potential buyer feels more comfortable and can easily form their own opinion if they do not have to take into account the current owners. If you choose to stay home, you as the owner should stay in the background and be available only after viewing for any questions. Do not discuss price, posession, costs or the like. It is the job of our brokers to take care of the clients questions and thoughts, as well as conduct the negotiations.

The first impression is always the most important thing. It is therefore important that visitors are already favorably influenced by the exterior. Both garden and patio should remind them of what it looked like in the photos, but we understand that in many cases it is not possible when the home is not occupied at the moment.

When we show a home, we prefer that there is a calm atmosphere. It is important to turn off any electronics such as TV, washing machine and dishwasher which may interfere with the viewing.

A clean and tidy home reinforces the impression of the standard of the home and makes it more attractive. It is also good to repair and adjust faults such as dripping taps, sluggish drawers, doors that creak and windows that cannot be closed.

But remember - never hide damage by putting things in front of it.

Finally - a small review of the rooms in the home before viewing

§ The kitchen should be clean, surfaces wiped and garbage out.
§ Bathroom should be fresh, the toilet seat clean with closed lid and think what a couple of nice clean towels can do!
§ In the bedrooms, the bed should be bedded, clothes and shoes removed. Clean the nightstand and close wardrobe doors.
§ Pets should not be at home during the viewing if possible.

Agency fee

You as a seller are responsible for paying the agency fee for the sale to Bjurfors Costa Blanca. This will be regulated in the signed listing agreement between you and your broker. The fee is deducted when the down payment is paid into our client funds account, and the surplus is paid into your bank account.

An exceptional deal

Our aim is always to exceed your expectations in a sale. All parties should be satisfied and happy and feel that it has been beneficil to have entrusted Bjurfors Costa Blanca. It is difficult to predict in advance exactly how long a sale will take, but it can be anywhere from a few days to several months. At present, the average time from published advertisement to sold home is about 3.5 months.

Contact us today to book a personal meeting and we will tell you more about how we can make your home sale an exceptional one.